Mediator Spotlight:
Bobbi Reilly

As a tertiary qualified Counsellor and Coach, Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Nationally Accredited Mediator and Collaborative Law Practitioner, Bobbi has the skills, abilities and experience to assist people in most areas of their lives where change is required or desired.

Bobbi has worked in the Corporate, Private and Not for Profit sectors assisting individuals and families for 15+ years empowering them to reach their full potential and assisting them in minimising conflict within themselves and with others.

In all areas of Bobbi’s practice, the client is treated as the expert. Bobbi sees her role as one who assists the client to recognise and draw on their own strengths and resources to create change.

As a Dispute Resolution Centre Fellow at Bond University, Bobbi teaches, trains, coaches, supervises and provides National Standards assessment to Mediation Students. Bobbi provides similar services to other Universities, Colleges and Training Organisations throughout Australia including The College of Law, The Australian Mediation Association, Mediator Training Academy and University of Southern Queensland.

Bobbi is an experienced trainer who creates and facilitates specialised training packages for Professionals requiring growth in areas such as – communication, conflict resolution, power dynamics, domestic and family violence, negotiation, child focus, working with others including -Lawyers, Mediators, Child Consultants, Support People etc, mediation skills and processes including family dispute resolution, property mediation and alternative dispute resolution through her training business Global Professional Development (GPD).


“I had no idea that I already had the resources to reach my goals. Bobbi helped me to discover these and supported me through the process.”
Kathy Simons

Nerang, QLD

“I was extremely impressed with Bobbi’s ability to keep the conversation on track and make each party feel that they had valid opinions which assisted us in reaching a resolution.”
Lisa Taylor

Broadbeach, QLD

“My ex-wife and I were so caught up in our conflict that we had no idea what impact it was having on our children. In mediation we were able to find a different way of doing things. The change in our children is amazing, it’s great to see them being kids again.”
John Morrison

Southport, QLD

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